About Us

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About Us

Post-CB, a couple of overworked (WFH with kids is no joke!) parents met for a long overdue catch-up which turned into an unexpected parent-agony session. It was that very day that they hatched Young Endeavours, with one simple mission — to share our combined experiences, and deliver the BEST products to other parents and their children.

Who are we? We are like-minded parents with a handful (quite literally) of young children. Just like you, we have cheered and teared at our children’s growing milestones. We’ve had countless sleepless nights, cried over spilled milk and vexed over mess lying around the house. Yet when the night falls, we spend a long time admiring our little humans as they sleep, wondering how is it even possible that we brought those long eyelashes, button noses, and pixie mouths to this world.

Parenting isn’t the easiest or smooth-sailing journey in our lives but we’re all in it together.